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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

USB 2.0 10/100Mbps RJ45 LAN Ethernet Network Adapter Dongle Driver CD Content




             3、”设置有线网络“,选择“静态IP选项”,IP地址输入:192.168.*.*, 后面两个数字根据上面获取到的网络信息进行设置,

                                          前三位有可能是192.168.0 ,也有可能是192.168.(任意数字),这个要和上面的对照;


             4、”子网掩码” 默认一般都是255.255.255.0, 如果不一样,按上面从电脑上获取的地址为准!

                                         “ DNS ”是对应获取到电脑上的DNS,不是192.或255.开头的那个IP,一般有2个,选1个就可以



4S iPhone Back Cover

Friday, March 30th, 2012

English manual for EXE-2011042908 (LHD50 MINI Multimedia Player 720P)

Friday, June 24th, 2011

LHD50-EXE-2011042908-multi-media english manual

Mini multimedia Player
Support photo, music, video, slide, file model

Support Mp3, WMA, JPEG, BMP, MP4, VCD, DVD, RM, RMVB etc

Support SD, MMC, USB disk, USB HDD drive

package includes:
1 x AV Cable
1 x YUV Cable
1 x 3.5 Audio Cable
1 x Power

wasabi dx upgrade 1_2, wii chip

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011



Get on track with this racing wheel

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Μπείτε στην τροχιά με την παρούσα αγωνιστικά τροχό
Obtenir sur la bonne voie avec ce Racing Wheel
احصل على الطريق الصحيح مع هذه السباقات عجلة

Many people had seen the Wii Remote before. The Wii Remote is different from other game controllers because the Wii Remote can detect the position and movement of the player to control the game.

PS3 / PC Motion 3D controller has the same functions as the Wii Remote. All you have to do is plug in the 2.4Ghz Wireless Receiver into your PS3, PC or MAC and can play without installing any software.

The Wireless Receiver is about the same look and size as a USB Flash Drive.
Buttons position and look similar to Wii.

It requires 3 AAA batteries.

The Turbo key can automatically keep pressing the same key for you. You can use it as a normal controller when you turn it horizontally.

Put it on the steering wheel for racing games.

Colorful Remote Controllers for your Wii

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Кольоровий дистанційного керування для Wii
Renkli Uzaktan Kumanda sizin için Wii
Barevné dálkové ovladače pro váš Wii
ملون البعيد تحكم لوى الخاص
Colorit remot controladors per al teu Wii

Along the bottom of the Remote, four blue LED lights indicate which player position the remote is currently set to. The controller automatically connects to the Wii console via Bluetooth wireless technology. Below the LEDs, an expansion port lets you connect a number of devices including the Nunchuck and Classic Controllers.

Other features of the Wii Remote include adjustable rumble force feedback and a reinforced wrist strap to ensure safe use.

A speaker inside the remote will let the players know the strength of their swings or accuracy of their moves. Now, it is available in 4 different colours.

Bunte Remote Controller für deine Wii
Colorful télécommandes pour votre Wii
Bộ điều khiển từ xa đầy màu sắc cho Wii của bạn
Πολύχρωμο τηλεχειριστήρια για το Wii σας

Charge up your Wii Remotes without cables

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Rechargez vos télécommandes Wii sans utiliser de câbles
تهمة الخاصة بك وى التحكم عن بعد بدون أسلاك
케이블없이 Wii 리모트를 충전
Dobíjet vaše Wii Dálkové ovladače bez kabelů
Carregue o seu Wii Remotes sem cabos

The Wireless Charger can work with any USB port as long as it has power to charge up the Wii Remote.

Remember how annoying it was to wait for a really long time to charge up the Wii Remotes? Remember how embarrassing when you tried to connect the charging cable in front of your friends but unsuccessful? If you want to say goodbye to those terrible memories, this Wireless Charger for Wii Remote is the solution.

This Wireless Charger charges the Wii Remotes by electromagnetic induction technology. Instead of spending time to find the cable to plug in for charging, you can simply place the Wii Remotes on the charging pad and it will do the rest. The Wireless Charger works a shorter recharging cycle and better overall stability.

The Wireless Charger comes in 2 colors, White and Black. Today we are showing you the White one.

Package includes USB charging cable, 2 battery packs and the charging pad.

Connect the cable to the USB ports on your computer or Wii console and turn on the switch, then the Wireless Charger is ready to go.

LED indicator flashes while charging.

You can see the LED indicator from the top too. Flashing will stop when batteries are fully charged.

The battery packs will snap on the right position once you put it on the pad because the Wireless Charger have a magnet to snap it in place. As you can see from the picture, the Wii Remote will not get out of place easily even though I tilted the Wireless Charger.

The Wireless Charger can work with any USB port as long as it has power to charge up the Wii Remote.

Wii DJ keyboard manual

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Using step instructions

1: power on the console, press the button on the controller code on the code link.

2: Press the SYNC button controller, for connecting to the Code!

3: Open the back cover placed WII controller!

4: WII controller is properly connected!

5: wii controller is connected, according to the original key cover cover anti-reaction, that is to complete assembly!

Operating way:

1: The products (DJ Hero controller) used for all types of people. Regardless of function, appearance, use the handle are designed perfectly.
2: Games for left-handed people. Game; simply left / right game mode switch to the corresponding location can be switched! Switch, the need to re-connect a WII controller, or may be non-functional or functional disorder, ask the customer to use the normal operation!

3. Left hand dial to select the corresponding function when:
3.1: left-handed manner by placing the product (wheel left and).
3.2: The left and right hand switch (Left / Right selector switch) to the L gear selection, L light (Left LED) light, light blue mist color.
3.3: The wii controller power switch OFF and unplug the wii controller to restart or re-insert the wii controller plug, reset switch.
3.4: In the boot menu control interface operation mushroom 3D Joystick (Control Stick), the interface of the fingers up and down icons all about travel and the rocker-bit operations simultaneously.
3.5: action buttons – (- Button) interface menu to the right move; operation buttons + (+ Button) interface menu to the left,
3.6: the normal flow into the “DJ HERO” game menu interface, the finger is directed to enter the menu.

Product care and precautions

1, prohibits forced extrusion, wrestling this product! 2: No exposure to sunlight! 3: If the product surface dirt, use a clean damp cloth; prohibit the use of chemical solvents to clean this product! 4: Make proper use of this product to protect your rights!

Wii DJ keyboard/hero for sale

ELM327-1.3a software

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

download ELM327-1.3a software

ELM 327 Interface supports all OBDII protocols

XBOX360 Games Obama want to do to solve the financial crisis

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

The financial crisis facing the United States is so serious, but do not care what people seem to have little interest in these. To make people aware of the seriousness of the crisis, the government has recently come up with Obama, a new idea, I hope to do a XBOX360 video games to influence people, making the deficit out of the shadow of the United States as soon as possible.

Related project manager with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been contacted to discuss the specific content of the video game, forms, etc.. U.S. gamers percentage of people without the United Kingdom and other countries despite a high number but also many promotional products such as baked once will be a lot of human contact. However, some Members have expressed opposition, because they feel that to guide people through the game, solve the economic crisis is somewhat Kaopu.

At least try to, is not it?