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Fragnstein Combo Upgrade V3.51

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Driver – Fragnstein Combo Upgrade V3.51

Upgrade your Fragnstein driver if your dongle not work with your mouse / controller.

Note: we do not suggest you upgrade Fragnstein driver if it is your first time install dongle in PC

BMW inpa_2

Monday, March 14th, 2011


download USB2.0 FTDI driver

INPA/EDIABAS, GT1, SSS. (Diagnose, coding / programming).
Complete support of all blocks of management on all models BMW since 1998!
Supports reports:
1. High-speed D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s)
2. Low – speed K-CAN (100 kbit/s)
3. Standard BMW reports (BMW-OBD-interface).
D-CAN It is used for diagnostics of the following models:
– E60, E61 since 03/2007
– E83 since 09/2006
– E81, E87 since 03/2007
– E90, E91, E92, E93 since 03/2007
– E70 (new X5)
– R56 (new MINI)
PT-CAN And K-CAN it is applied:
For work with blocks of management ? on a table ? without the automobile.
Standard BMW-OBD-interface it is used for diagnostics:
With 1995 for 1998 (except for old blocks of management using L-line).
With 1998 for 03/2007 years on all models.

1、copy inpa all file to c:\.
2、edit system path ,add c:\ediabas\bin\ path(syspath.jpg)
3、Connect USB cable and instal FTDI drivers.
4、install d-can usb device(USB2.0 FTDI driver.rar)
5、Record your COM port number (number.jpg)
6、Setup “Latensy Timer = 1” (L_timer.jpg)
7、Set c:\ediabas\hardware\obd\obd.ini PORT=comX (your USB-COM port number)
8. Run c:\ediabas\hardware\obd\OBDSetup.exe
9. Restart Windows
10、change to c:\ediabas\bin\EDIABAS.ini Port= 6801
inpa c:\inpa\bin\INPALOAD.EXE

Frequently Asked Questions about EDIABAS, INPA and the Tool Set
Version 1.09, dowload this PDF now INPA FAQ

using instructions & manual for Yamaha bikes immobilizer emulator

Monday, January 24th, 2011

using document for Yamaha bikes immobilizer emulator

Drag Star
BT 1100
Wild Star
Versity 300
Model yamaha FZS 600





Yamaha bikes immobilizer emulator

Yamaha bikes immobilizer emulator


foto3 - Yamaha bikes immobilizer emulator

foto3 - Yamaha bikes immobilizer emulator