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It has all I need: NDS i Bundle Pack

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Tem tudo que eu preciso: i NDS Bundle Pack (caixa transparente, uma caneta de metal, uma caneta de plástico e dois protetores de tela)
그것은)는 모든 필요 : NDS 나 번들 팩 (투명 케이스, 금속 펜, 플라스틱 펜 및 2 개의 스크린 프로텍터가

This bundle pack consists of four items, namely a transparent case, a metal pen, a plastic pen and two screen protectors.

The case is transparent, looking elegant, while the case itself appears to be non-existent.

There are two pens, one metal and one plastic.

The metal one is retractable, allowing you to use it more flexibly.

It also comes with a wrist strap for easier handling.

This is good because the whole pack includes the items you need to enjoy NDS i outdoor, without hunting for each item one by one.

Il a tout ce qu’il faut: i NDS Pack Bundle (fond transparent, un stylo en métal, un stylo en plastique et deux protections d’écran)
Это все мне нужно: я NDS Bundle Pack (прозрачный корпус, металлическое перо, пластмассовая ручка и две защитные пленки)

Idea Skin for ds console system

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Idéia da pele para ds console do sistema
Fikir Skin ds sistem konsolu
Idea Skin pro DS konzole systém
Ідея шкіра для DS консоль системи

Front of the product:

Back of the product

GUISE has over 95 different non-slip stickers for NDS.

Before applying, please clean the NDS surface (Be sure to remove any residual dust, moisture, dirt, etc.);

At the top of the product card have a product code.  Type in the product code and search the wallpaper to match your sticker.

1.Made of vinyl materials, giving you console better protection and extending it life time.

2.Distinctive designs for a wide range of people.

3.You can go to GUISE website ( to download wallpaper(except NDS).

Here is the some picture after pasting:

Excheap has became the export agent for Idea Skin.
Excheap وقد أصبح وكيلا للتصدير الجلد فكرة.
Excheap는 아이디어 피부에 대한 수출 에이전트가 된 있습니다.
Excheap est devenu l’agent à l’exportation pour l’idée de la peau.
Excheap tornou-se o agente de exportação para a idéia de pele.