Radio and TV funtion

Product Highlight:
iRadioPOP Plus, offers users instant access to the hottest Internet radio and TV content. This great idea of combo audio / video media from the Internet is playable through a compact USB drive, which supports plug and play connectivity. iRadioPOP Plus provides selection from over 20,000 radio stations plus 5,000 web TV stations worldwide to the user.
With a user friendly interface, it is easy to search your favorite music and programs classified by countries and genre. Through personal settings, the dongle is able to quickly access the individual’s favorite station list on any computer without any registration. Because the Internet infrastructure varies from country to country, a stream quality indicator is provided that will show the user the monitored Internet stream stability in real-time from the player’s location. This saves time when selecting a station from long lists as poorer streaming quality stations can be skipped, allowing ultimate enjoyment of diverse Internet radio and TV stations.
* Worldwide radio and TV stations categorized into countries, genres and languages.
*Provides over 20,000 radio stations, classified in 56 genres and 210 countries.
*Includes 5000 web TV stations worldwide, sorted in 17 types of programs, 210 countries and 59 languages
*User friendly interface, allows enjoying your favorite radio station & TV program with a mouse click.
*Collection of Favorites and History stations. Immediate access to “My Favorite”
*stations on any PC without any registration
*Web 2.0 Dynamic voting system; recommend best station all up to you.
*Automatically updates program & new stations onsite
*Supports 12 languages user interface
*Record music in WMA format to your hard drive.
*Stream quality indicator to monitor in real time Internet stream stability.

Compliant by: CE, FCC, ROHS.

USB Worldwide Internet radio and TV Player (over 20,000Radio & 5,000TV stations)

XBOX360 wireless card manual

xbox 360 wireless adapter

XBOX360 wireless card manual

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter

– Only used in the Xbox 360
– To provide wireless broadband network, wireless network card to connect to Connect Xbox Live or another one Xbox 360
– Use the host USB port power and communications
– The use of 2.4GHz, 5GHz dual-band signal
– Use the 802.11a/b/g wireless network protocol for civilian
– Integrated wireless networking technology, will not conflict with Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Install a wireless network adapter

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter is designed to be mounted directly on the host on the rear panel. Remember not to use the adapter itself or the antenna to bring the host.

Set up a wireless network connection

If you know your wireless network settings, it is easy for the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter, or join a new wireless network

Start your host and any wireless network devices
The back panel in the host adapter you installed, USB connector into USB slot
Host menu interface into the system pages, set network parameters
After setting correct exit page, the host with the existing wireless network to establish the connection
With another one host adapter is also installed to establish a direct wireless connection
The adapter on the two prominent fragments were embedded in the host near the rear panel USB interface, two small slots

The USB connector into the adapter next to the rear panel USB host port, if the host network cable network cable to connect the port with the need to pull out the
Put up an antenna adapter. Antenna only a flat spin, do not try to reverse the

Business mobile power POWER200 manual

Business mobile power POWER200 manual

Thank you for choosing to use commercial mobile power series.
This manual for your system, introduction to the use of methods and precautions.
In use, please read this manual carefully so that you quickly master the correct use.
The Company is only a problem in the product itself has a warranty and maintenance responsibilities;
Due to improper operation, self-maintenance and other abnormalities lead to product damage and accidents, and the resulting other effects, the company shall not be responsible.
As the continuous improvement of product functionality and performance, the Company reserves the right described in this manual to improve products without prior notice.

– Charging the first to confirm DC IN / OUT direction;
– Product can not be placed in the hot and humid places; (Storage temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃)
– Not in daylight exposure;
Temperatures above -45 ℃ can not charge;
– Can not be the product decomposition or greater impact to the product and do not allow their products thrown into the fire, in order to avoid fire and explosion;
– This product is charged when you use the standard mini USB, the output, use the computer with the standard mini USB adapter and expertise.
Warm Tips:
Suggested a long time do not use this product, please give this product every six months to recharge the batteries to ensure the product life.

Product Type: POWER200
Battery capacity: 5800mAh (3.7V)
Input Voltage: 5V/1.5A
Output Voltage: 5V/1A
Size: L115 * W55 * H25 (mm)
Weight: 130g

* The above picture is for reference only, product in order to prevail in kind.
* The availability of mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras (3.7v), audio-visual, handheld game consoles and other portable digital equipment charge.

Name of function of each part

1. Memory card reader function
2.DC IN interface / data transfer port, USB2.0 transfer
Mini USB charging port ontology standards, voltage is 5V, current limiting charging 1.5A.
3. DC OUT port
USB standard interface ontology discharge voltage of 5V, discharge current limiting 1A.
4. Button – the output start / battery indicator / lights switch
– Button once, then the power indicator light, at the same time start the voltage output.
– Button for more than 2 seconds, switching lights. Press 2 seconds and then shut down LED lighting
Product charging and power indicator light
When the indicator light:
-a flash – capacity 25%
-a constant bright – 25% ~ 50% of the electricity
-a, b constant light – 50% ~ 75% electricity
-a, b, c constant bright – 75% ~ 90% electricity consumption
-a, b, c, d constant light – electricity 90% ~ 100%
* When charging is complete body, a, b, c, d will also blink during charging of electricity in the corresponding indicator light will blink.
6. DC OUT LED-ontology-discharge lamp
LED red light: to charge the portable digital device;
LED green light: the completion of portable digital equipment charge
If not connected to a portable digital devices, LED lights turn off in 25 seconds.
7. Lighting – energy-efficient LED, achieved through the button switch.
* Does not automatically turn lights off, to hold down the button for more than 2 seconds to turn it off.

Product Use
Portable digital devices to charge mobile phone as an example:

1. With the USB / DC cable connector will be accompanied by a corresponding switch to connect mobile phones with the product ontology;
2. Product ontology DC OUT LED shows green, said the body being carried out voltage detector, when the DC OUT LED shows red, it said that a normal cell phone charger, cell phone full time DC OUT LED display green.
3. Must be disconnected after use ontology and the data line connection.
Special reminder:
* Charging for digital products, please be sure to use the correct switch connector or connection lines, to avoid the digital product has been damaged.

Ontology charging method

The use of special allocations for power adapter charger
The ontology DC IN connection with the adapter Mini USB header, and then the other end with the power adapter socket connection connected to DC IN LED display in red, and displays the corresponding amount of power that the normal charge products, the product charge is complete DC IN LED will be flashing.
Full power, approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Product charging DC IN LED lights and DC OUT LED light does not shine?
The battery when the battery a long time to place the possibility of bright LED lights do not exist, can give products, charging, charging may not be immediately when the power LED light, about 2 to 3 minutes after the LED light is normally lit.
2. Charge / discharge when the product may have a fever?
Charge / discharge electric power consumed when the phenomenon of heat, therefore there will be adequate, but does not affect product performance, this product internal temperature protection design, it will not appear overheated.

Adapter model applicable to digital equipment

Limited Edition Metal Case U Disk Kingston terracotta figures listed

Today, the popularity of flash drives has made it is no longer a simple storage tool, and the frequent appearance of various patterns, such as a portable flash drive is more like ornaments highlight the owner’s style and temperament. Kingston, recently introduced a “Terra-Cotta Warrior” theme flash drive – Kingston DataTraveler Terra Cotta (DTTC) Qin terracotta dish, the Chinese taste of the rich people never forget it.

Limited Edition Metal Case U Disk Kingston terracotta figures listed
Kingston DataTraveler Qin terracotta dish – Limited Edition

121858_43905Limited Edition Metal Case U Disk Kingston terracotta figures listed
Kingston DataTraveler Qin terracotta dish – Limited Edition

This flash drive to see the first reaction, first of all is the age-old Yi Bing sword: “scabbard” from “Bronze” to build, eye-catching styling, sir relief solemn, serious, “hilt” on the Qin and Han Dynasty exist side by side with the ancient pattern, suddenly people feel this sword of luxury, light on the know-looking appearance in a Kuangshi weapon. Turn the “blade”, Kingston logo impressively at the moment, This gives people an idea of its true identity. Kingston Technology products so as to give a wave of art temperament, I must mention is that the details of this flash disk are all done at ancient thick, even mottled patterns showing the depth of notches are different, The quintana’s bronze luster resembles an antique’s long-standing bag made of pulp, as if one has experienced centuries of art. Imagine if you come up with such a business presentation when a flash drive, customers will immediately feel the owner’s cultural heritage, but if this product as a gift to foreign friends, the other party will definitely be full of praise.

121858_46721Limited Edition Metal Case U Disk Kingston terracotta figures listed
Kingston DataTraveler Qin terracotta dish – Limited Edition

121858_66484Limited Edition Metal Case U Disk Kingston terracotta figures listed
Kingston DataTraveler Qin terracotta dish – Limited Edition

In addition to unique appearance, the performance of this flash disk The same can not be overlooked. 4GB capacity can hold the 1000 MP3, transmission speeds of 20MB / s read and 10MB / s write, copy a full flash disk also only took Zhang six minutes. In addition to speed, “invaders fiery” flash disk is also done in the privacy of “immobile as a mountain.” Qin terracotta flash drive preloaded with Kingston’s patented Secure Traveler software can be easily flash disk will be divided into public and private two regions, the private area must be able to access via a password, or even kept inside what outsiders can not know, users are more able to adjust the software free two partitions. “Terra-Cotta Warrior” flash disk appearance of warmth in addition to better guard the same as the loyal guardian of the user’s confidential data.

200951612291117904Limited Edition Metal Case U Disk Kingston terracotta figures listed
Kingston DataTraveler Qin terracotta dish – Limited Edition

“Terra-Cotta Warrior,” a full range of flash drives and Kingston USB drives to enjoy the same five-year factory warranty providing after-sales service, the duration field is also unique in the flash disk. The flash disk now this limited edition has been added to our catalog on sale. If you want a collection, then, we should quickly move.

Video: WiiFit let Little Miss Sweat dripping

California this year’s E3 show, Nintendo is the first show, called “Wii Fit” balance board white. Wii stick before it different, “Wii Fit” is a balance sheet-type pressure sensor, the home looks like a small white scales. Players stand on the top of the game with the corresponding procedures, can do push-ups, you can dance, you can play hula ring, it can even practice yoga under the guidance of. It will play and a good combination of fitness, is a long-term classes to do the best campaign tool for owners.


At present, the arrival of the Japanese version of Wii Fit, Nintendo is due to the Christmas file appears insufficient supply of the host, was the official price of the product is only ¥ 8800 is now pushed up to nearly ¥ 14,000, while the domestic retail price of Wii Fit 1300 was also a breakthrough, but the recent price of Wii Fit gentle approach.
wii fit
player’s weight should be under 136kg
wii fit
Wii Fit package marked “open package” prompt, very user-friendly
wii fit wii fit
Nintendo is the magic of this, the user standing on a piece of white plastic board, we will be able to complete a lot of sports, games … … and let the audience indulge in this.
wii fit wii fit
Wii Fit game series through balance and aerobic gymnastics trick to achieve the purpose of physical exercise. Standing on top of peripherals including the use of dedicated controller “balance board (Balance Board)”. Balance board is a board can detect the weight of load and its center of gravity location of the controller, determine the weight and center of gravity, through changes to determine the player’s actions and attitude is not correct – such as whether or not to stand one foot and to maintain the balance. Players in the game before the first game must have individual height, weight and age information to calculate their BMI (height and weight index) level, and on behalf of a player’s image will correspond to some change, those who have large waist circumference Players will see the virtual screen has its own small stomach. Wii Fit then your actions will be based on analog images into and displayed on the screen.
If the Wii stick can bring joy to the family, then Wii Fit is your personal coach, she can tailor the formulation of exercise for you to build your health. In order to let everyone understand more emotional Wii Fit, we invited the two bubble and cars beauty, and thanked them for the use of private time to this series of video we shot.

● Wii Fit daily health management

Since it is a private fitness assistant, then the Wii Fit have to understand the user’s physical condition, so every day is a part of health management, it will be integrated height, weight, flexibility, as well as the nerve time to reflect, and ultimately given a general physical age, and then the development of daily physical activity.

Wii Fit will be provided based on user height and weight of the test showed that a BMI index is given, it is a total body fat and is closely related to the indicators, mainly a reflection of systemic overweight and obesity. Asians should be the standard of obese BMI in the 18.5 ~ 22.9 at the normal level, BMI greater than 23 as overweight, BMI> 30 for obesity.

The Wii Fit Yoga
Wii Fit game contains a total of 4 categories, each category has a dozen mini-games keep from easy to difficult to solve … … Yoga through movement and regulation of the body to breathe, to achieve mental and emotional control, and maintaining a healthy body is always . In Wii Fit, the campaigns focused on yoga breathing, at the same time players need to maintain the body’s center of gravity in a circular area with a yellow … …


MM play hula circle
Played a few games in after arguing with a small MM hula circle in joke to play, I would like to have a column not a column … …

hula circle
hula circle

● Wii Fit with indoor skiing

Skiing is a need to focus on shaking to complete the game, players control small to them from both sides through the middle of the banner. If you feel that the taxiway is too slow, it may be down try in the upper left corner of the image as long as the focus point over the red line, you will begin to accelerate the … …

wii fit

Wii Fit new peripherals and includes detailed descriptions of body experience

Start with the Wii Fit today, regardless of the weight of this popularity, the price of the game are amazing, from the E3 show this year has been the attention of this work, of course, in the flash of a double look to me, on the home have fun playing.

wii fit blance board

All the way to go home, my experience is that it is heavy enough not thin … not home to have my hands are the first of a shrink?

Start with the packaging, the packaging is simple and looks very comfortable, open to see a yellow sticker on top to remind Nintendo designed this box, you can easily tell us not to use the back of! Such a reminder really close, if not this I do not think I would like to make it should be

In fact, the so-called specially designed box with Nintendo to make some changes, put the game with a battery design that imaging is the same drawer, from the groove with your fingers can be drawn, and then seize the Wii balance board as long as (Wii Balance Board) will be able to come up with, and very close design.

wii fit blance board

wii fit blance board

First talk about this high-profile Wii balance board (Wii Balance Board), than I imagined some of the larger, weight was also as previously mentioned, rather heavy, there is no cable, use the Bluetooth transmission, the need for 4 A4 batteries.

wii fit blance board

4 A4 batteries, there is a sync button inside

wii fit blance board

How big is this area? This comparison chart below to see it!

wii fit blance board

In front there is a power supply, I will be flashing blue light, as with the Wii Remote.

wii fit blance board

Game box is simple, white and green color is also quite comfortable.

wii fit blance board

wii fit balance board

Let’s talk about the game! The first is the start into the game, as there are updates, update after the Wii Fit will see the image appear.

wii fit balance board

Entered the game will see a cute baby of the balance board will talk with you about the game set, action is really super-cute.
wii fit balance board
wii fit balance board
Mii their choice, will want you to set up such as height, date of birth and other data, will be set after the start of the test center of gravity and weight.
wii fit balance board
wii fit balance board
And then will show the value of their BMI and body weight (BMI of flash exposure, I had been thin ~ =.= a Well)
wii fit balance board
Is the standard of my own @ @
wii fit balance board
End show weight, will enter the first test, some will want you to
control the focus of the game that is really quite challenging the
first time.
wii fit balance board
After testing the balance will be cruel with my age … I can flash this point there is a tacit agreement, the same 34-year-old …
wii fit balance board
Of course, the game is not to attack you (although some people would be behind many of the fight against …), is to help you adjust, the game will want you to set a target weight, BMI, and then how long it takes to achieve this goal.
wii fit balance board
wii fit balance board
Set to do a good job after the formal entry into the game, the game will want you to choose their own coaches, there is a man and a woman can choose to coach.
wii fit balance board
After the list will be able to enter the game, the games were divided into four main categories, in accordance with the needs of their own choice of games.
wii fit balance board
Do not look down on these games … to play a long time really tired, I play a few games after the whole person to lie on the bed on the move can not.
I have just briefly played a few small games


This one is standing on the balance of gameplay to twist the hip or the waist board, and the cumulative number of laps as a result, from time to time next to the new hoop throwing, it is necessary to tilt the body to pick up, and then continue to twist the hip or the waist side, in order to accumulate high, need to continue to receive hoop, while the pan quickly, in order to strive for high marks, will consume a considerable amount of heat.

wii fit balance board game

You say that football is actually a frontier head the ball back to the top, in addition to tilt the body to rely on the reaction pool, but also on the shoes to get away from time to time with the pandas, especially the pandas, and people can not afford super Kuso, because black and white like with the football … it’s easy to mistake.

wii fit balance board game

I like this series, the action of different positions, in fact, challenging, feel the body’s muscles will be pulled, but will have a complete sense of relaxation, all day sitting in front of the computer should to make more.

wii fit balance board game

The campaign to relax a little bit like it, as long as follow the screen instructions may be able to move his legs, and the rhythm of it a bit like playing the game, but be careful sometimes accidentally step on a balance board, do not fall!

wii fit balance board game

This a very interesting use of the body center of gravity to control the direction, but often to the left clearly has the right to run away but, at this time Do not curse the first game, a closer look at the body may be really the wrong side of the edge, at least to me bottom left is the upper body center of gravity is on the right, then the game will still be read into the right side!

wii fit balance board game
Around the ball

Super tiring of the campaign, not only to make push-ups, but also to maintain the required time for the game, you have to finish the floor with one hand give a hand to the sky … after I finish on the entire tired.

wii fit balance board game

Super tiring of the campaign, not only to make push-ups, but also to maintain the required time for the game, you have to finish the floor with one hand give a hand to the sky … after I finish on the entire tired.

wii fit balance board game


Instead of using the balance of the game board to play, but in accordance with the instructions to the game on the Wii Remote after pants pocket, and then started to run hard, but can not run, run, then it will pull too fall, should make efforts to run faster things too tired.

wii fit balance board game


Wii Balance Board balance board

Sensors in the balance sheet, I think that is pretty easy to use, but how much will the start the focus control is not running smoothly and more acute the more difficult it is to manipulate, often obviously to the left to hide, the game has chosen to run to the right is Induction bad game that they found their feet leave the board or upper body but left the case of the right buttocks, the first Nintendo … first position to correct it yourself!

Sports results

This is a game and can really move to it? I bet, as long as compliance with the instructions of the game, you will feel hot and tired body, I do not doubt the effectiveness of his campaign, particularly with the push-ups done in a row after running …


In addition to the balance of the game board outside innovative, in fact, Nintendo Game are very interesting arrangements, one of which let me run the most impressive, which I screen instructions to receive the Wii Remote to the back pants pocket, I thought it was only close to me to keep the Wii Remote only, the result is to half day pocket on the Wii Remote to run, and then sensing Wii Remote to move, in the past did not think of this play, super-fun (but do not wear pocket after pants are more trouble)

Lok Tsui

Although the campaign, but it is the end game, fun game of course is indispensable, in fact, designed the game are quite lovely interesting and quite fun and challenging, such as skiing, hula hoop are my very favorite sports games, occasionally doing yoga will not feel the same can not be compared at the same time more than a pity, but at home as his campaign did a pretty good play.


I think this is not a game to keep the focus on you ~ Wii Sports has always been the style since, at least I did not play when the screen is noted, but if too much people have heard of the Mii will be fat, this design was quite Interestingly, family members should be laughing at!


Game design pretty close, not only can easily join the many people Mii, and will have broken the above chart shows the weight of its own management, but also to remind the players how to make each store to make a campaign fund Games are done in the end be able to view the number of their own campaigns, can also be accumulated more than open a new game out.

Also the game can be set to enter the installation of a new Wii Fit Channel to your Wii Menu, the following Add the game even if there is no CD-ROM can also be seen in the Wii’s own physical condition, convenient and simple.

The total experience

I am very satisfied with this game, told me that in addition to outside school sports are not for other people at home can be very fun for a wide variety of sports, the length and difficulty of the game are not high, but I want to get high also difficult to evaluate the daily challenges of their own to keep. Develop daily habits of playing the game, I would like to really have their own health to help you!

With the playing of the Wii Balance Board is really quite interesting and intuitive, Wii Remote + Wii Balance Board will allow the whole body moving, but also find themselves standing is not normally very good, the back side, it is no wonder often lumbar acid, can take to correct your own posture in peacetime.

The use of the balance sheet after the game can not help but hope that there will be more games to support the balance board, if the skiing, around the ball all of these games to play with the balance board, it will certainly increase the fun of many (Wii Remote as a walking stick , Wii Balance Board is the Ski)

Of course, the price of parallel imports in Taiwan rather terror, have bought a brand new NDSL, and that the price really is not very approachable, so I suggest that you can not say that to start with, even suggested that there is no friend can be so anxious and so on and so on (though do not know to wait until the day), but if there are days, the price to the point where they can accept, I suggest all of us to start quite this game, after all, modern life activity of the people are really too small, there is such a game so move own is a very healthy thing, strongly recommend the game wow!