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Wii DJ keyboard manual

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Using step instructions

1: power on the console, press the button on the controller code on the code link.

2: Press the SYNC button controller, for connecting to the Code!

3: Open the back cover placed WII controller!

4: WII controller is properly connected!

5: wii controller is connected, according to the original key cover cover anti-reaction, that is to complete assembly!

Operating way:

1: The products (DJ Hero controller) used for all types of people. Regardless of function, appearance, use the handle are designed perfectly.
2: Games for left-handed people. Game; simply left / right game mode switch to the corresponding location can be switched! Switch, the need to re-connect a WII controller, or may be non-functional or functional disorder, ask the customer to use the normal operation!

3. Left hand dial to select the corresponding function when:
3.1: left-handed manner by placing the product (wheel left and).
3.2: The left and right hand switch (Left / Right selector switch) to the L gear selection, L light (Left LED) light, light blue mist color.
3.3: The wii controller power switch OFF and unplug the wii controller to restart or re-insert the wii controller plug, reset switch.
3.4: In the boot menu control interface operation mushroom 3D Joystick (Control Stick), the interface of the fingers up and down icons all about travel and the rocker-bit operations simultaneously.
3.5: action buttons – (- Button) interface menu to the right move; operation buttons + (+ Button) interface menu to the left,
3.6: the normal flow into the “DJ HERO” game menu interface, the finger is directed to enter the menu.

Product care and precautions

1, prohibits forced extrusion, wrestling this product! 2: No exposure to sunlight! 3: If the product surface dirt, use a clean damp cloth; prohibit the use of chemical solvents to clean this product! 4: Make proper use of this product to protect your rights!

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ELM327-1.3a software

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

download ELM327-1.3a software

ELM 327 Interface supports all OBDII protocols

XBOX360 Games Obama want to do to solve the financial crisis

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

The financial crisis facing the United States is so serious, but do not care what people seem to have little interest in these. To make people aware of the seriousness of the crisis, the government has recently come up with Obama, a new idea, I hope to do a XBOX360 video games to influence people, making the deficit out of the shadow of the United States as soon as possible.

Related project manager with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been contacted to discuss the specific content of the video game, forms, etc.. U.S. gamers percentage of people without the United Kingdom and other countries despite a high number but also many promotional products such as baked once will be a lot of human contact. However, some Members have expressed opposition, because they feel that to guide people through the game, solve the economic crisis is somewhat Kaopu.

At least try to, is not it?

DSi Ware’s latest free software, “the daily pocket health”

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Nintendo combined, “the Journal ITOI daily newspaper” will be held April 21 at the Japanese DSi ware stores launched its latest software, a free DSi ware “Daily Health PDA” (Dear DoctorS ほ ぼ day の Health PDA), the software Japan International Medical Research Center, National renowned physicians and sub-US joint Nintendo Honda introduced a portable health software, users can use this software to manage their own health status and check-related information.

Elink 2 on the market it! It is not just a GBA flashcard.

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Elink 2 on behalf of the market it! It is not just a GBA flashcard. It will combine three functions:
An innovative game cards, a high-speed USB burner, set the game close support system.
It may be your best GBA flashcard used.
100% compatible with GBA series host, GBA, GBA SP, GBM, NDS, NDSL, iQue GBA, DS series
1,100% compatible with GBA series host, GBA, GBA SP, GBM, NDS, NDSL, iQue GBA, DS series
2 can play all GBA games, display speed, sound and feel excellent.
3, built-in USB high-speed burners, cassette and computer using a standard mini USB cable can burn.
4, support for instant archiving, real-time Raiders, cheat cheats, soft reset
5, support for file backup and restore game
6, can burn FC, GB, GBC game, directly into the original ROM, without conversion
7, can burn TXT format e-books, direct import TXT, without conversion
8, support for a combined 32 games and 32 card games archive, conflict-free.

Media evaluation:

“ELINK is listed at the beginning with a very cost-effective products, but not only meet the development team at this point and stalled, but after another has brought a new version of ELINK, and instant archiving, real-time captures, real-time cheat and so powerful, I believe that good technology will guarantee more surprises for the players, who want to revisit the classic game for the GBA ELINK is a good choice. ”

“New ELink improve the production process, produced a standard miniUSB interface products, transmission speeds are not a small increase, coupled with efforts to improve ELink group conversion software, the computer side, breath introduced instant archiving, real-time captures, real-time cheat three functions, the GBA card technology to burn the whole real time, the compatibility and functionality goes well beyond the early stage of other GBA flashcard. ”

“The improvement was very kind, and I used the new mini USB interface to burn a few ROM, speed and stability, running is also normal. This popular mini USB port is convenient to use it. Take me, My company and home PC have mini USB cable (to MP3, PSP, camera ), so now both in the company or go home, I just took the hosts it works like before with Flanagan Te Shu Huan Yao the USB cable. ”

“To be honest, the hardware improvements within a short time can not tell, because the old version of Elink can not easily broken. Functions, Elink burning software manufacturers have been improving, the next step to introduce” real-time view Raiders “feature , Elink appeared before the GBA flashcard no fresh feature, which is the current player chooses Elink a very important reason. use, Elink as long as the game rom burning software on it and you may consider to open Replay cheat real-time archiving and other functions, and then plug in the boot console to play games, the whole process is very simple to use. this 1G cassette in my hand have been playing for nearly two weeks, the recent recommendation to buy Elink GBA player, is strongly recommended to purchase the new Elink. ”

If you have ELINK burn card:

Your GBA games downloaded from the Internet through a computer USB you can copy the game to ELINK cassette, the fill up.
Having fun on the play which which have a GBA cards can Wanbian all games.
Encountered a playful game, but too difficult, how do?
With ELINK cheat function, you can cheat the matter, so that characters invincible, or open some unknown props.
Do not want to cheat, do not want to waste time, like Mario games, archive point too little, do not have to be careful died again, depressed, how do?
ELINK archiving with real-time, at any time in the game can be archived, do not fall into the pit carefully, and immediately transfer the archive, hey, be careful this time, must pass muster.
A good game to play long before customs clearance, if filed out how to do?
Ah, no problem, with ELINK archive backup to the backup file to your computer save it.
When normal game, you can also do a backup with instant archive, so foolproof a.

You still like NES, GBC, GB games can be played with ELINK Oh, ELINK built a simulator to the game ROM files onto the ELINK software, a burn on it.
You also like to see e-books, ELINK can put files onto the ELINK TXT e-book software where you can burn directly to a cassette of ELINK.

Play the game when necessary, need to see Raiders, especially the RPG games, you can use real-time Raiders ELINK function can be retrieved at any time in the Raiders game, read on to return to the game.
The Raiders have their own look, paste ELINK software into the cassette with the recording Oh.

About ELINK and ELINK 2 generation Description:

ELINK 2 is the end of 2009, the latest generation of authentic products, the current plan is adopted ELINK Mitsubishi.
ELINK and ELINK 2 on behalf of all the official products, features exactly the same uniform line is now the official driver software upgrade for the V6 version.
ELINK more programs, there is a large Fujitsu, thin Fujitsu, Mitsubishi programs, including Fujitsu burn faster, consistent with other features, the software will automatically distinguish between different chips ELINK cassette.
ELINK currently no fake, V6 latest version can be identified shall be genuine doubt.