XBOX360 Games Obama want to do to solve the financial crisis

The financial crisis facing the United States is so serious, but do not care what people seem to have little interest in these. To make people aware of the seriousness of the crisis, the government has recently come up with Obama, a new idea, I hope to do a XBOX360 video games to influence people, making the deficit out of the shadow of the United States as soon as possible.

Related project manager with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been contacted to discuss the specific content of the video game, forms, etc.. U.S. gamers percentage of people without the United Kingdom and other countries despite a high number but also many promotional products such as baked once will be a lot of human contact. However, some Members have expressed opposition, because they feel that to guide people through the game, solve the economic crisis is somewhat Kaopu.

At least try to, is not it?

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