Wii DJ keyboard manual

Using step instructions

1: power on the console, press the button on the controller code on the code link.

2: Press the SYNC button controller, for connecting to the Code!

3: Open the back cover placed WII controller!

4: WII controller is properly connected!

5: wii controller is connected, according to the original key cover cover anti-reaction, that is to complete assembly!

Operating way:

1: The products (DJ Hero controller) used for all types of people. Regardless of function, appearance, use the handle are designed perfectly.
2: Games for left-handed people. Game; simply left / right game mode switch to the corresponding location can be switched! Switch, the need to re-connect a WII controller, or may be non-functional or functional disorder, ask the customer to use the normal operation!

3. Left hand dial to select the corresponding function when:
3.1: left-handed manner by placing the product (wheel left and).
3.2: The left and right hand switch (Left / Right selector switch) to the L gear selection, L light (Left LED) light, light blue mist color.
3.3: The wii controller power switch OFF and unplug the wii controller to restart or re-insert the wii controller plug, reset switch.
3.4: In the boot menu control interface operation mushroom 3D Joystick (Control Stick), the interface of the fingers up and down icons all about travel and the rocker-bit operations simultaneously.
3.5: action buttons – (- Button) interface menu to the right move; operation buttons + (+ Button) interface menu to the left,
3.6: the normal flow into the “DJ HERO” game menu interface, the finger is directed to enter the menu.

Product care and precautions

1, prohibits forced extrusion, wrestling this product! 2: No exposure to sunlight! 3: If the product surface dirt, use a clean damp cloth; prohibit the use of chemical solvents to clean this product! 4: Make proper use of this product to protect your rights!

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