How to use PS2/PS3 controller on xBox 360

How to use PS2/PS3 controller on xBox 360
Comment utiliser le PS2/PS3 sur Xbox 360
Как использовать PS2/PS3 контроллер Xbox 360
Cara menggunakan controller xbox 360 PS2/PS3 pada
どのようにXbox 360上でPS2/PS3のコントローラを使用する
Wie PS2/PS3 Controller auf der Xbox 360 nutzen
Como utilizar o controlador de PS2/PS3 no Xbox 360
Cómo utilizar controlador de PS2/PS3 en Xbox 360
얼마나 X 박스 360에 PS2/PS3 컨트롤러를 사용하는
كيفية استخدام جهاز تحكم PS2/PS3 على اكس بوكس 360

With this PS3/PS2 to Xbox 360 controller converter cable, you can connect any PS3/PS2 controller with an Xbox 360. It is very easy to install as there is no software or hardware needed.

There are 3 different kinds of input: USB male, USB female and PS2 controller plug. Just connect your PS3/PS2 controller with the right plug with Xbox 360.

You can connect the PS2 Dancing Mat with Xbox 360. It is much cheaper than the Xbox 360 Dancing Mat.

You can also connect your Xbox 360 with PS2 controller, which most gamers like.

You can even connect your Xbox 360 with the PS3 Arcade Stick

You can also connect the PS3 3D Motion Freedom Controller with your Xbox 360.

How to use PS2/PS3 controller on xBox 360

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