It has all I need: NDS i Bundle Pack

Tem tudo que eu preciso: i NDS Bundle Pack (caixa transparente, uma caneta de metal, uma caneta de plástico e dois protetores de tela)
그것은)는 모든 필요 : NDS 나 번들 팩 (투명 케이스, 금속 펜, 플라스틱 펜 및 2 개의 스크린 프로텍터가

This bundle pack consists of four items, namely a transparent case, a metal pen, a plastic pen and two screen protectors.

The case is transparent, looking elegant, while the case itself appears to be non-existent.

There are two pens, one metal and one plastic.

The metal one is retractable, allowing you to use it more flexibly.

It also comes with a wrist strap for easier handling.

This is good because the whole pack includes the items you need to enjoy NDS i outdoor, without hunting for each item one by one.

Il a tout ce qu’il faut: i NDS Pack Bundle (fond transparent, un stylo en métal, un stylo en plastique et deux protections d’écran)
Это все мне нужно: я NDS Bundle Pack (прозрачный корпус, металлическое перо, пластмассовая ручка и две защитные пленки)

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