How to get the most use out of PS2 Controllers

كيفية الحصول على أكثر من استخدام وحدات تحكم PS2
Como obter a maioria de uso fora de PS2 controladores

This article is written for owners have PS2 controllers, to show them how to make the most use out of those controllers.

You can turn them into Xbox360, Wii and PS3 to use!

[ Dieser Artikel ist für Besitzer geschrieben haben PS2-Controllern, um ihnen zu zeigen, wie man den größten Nutzen aus dieser Controller.

Sie können sie in Xbox360, Wii und PS3 wiederum zu verwenden! ]

You can use PS2 controllers to play XB360.

The PS2 controller can also be use in Wii by using converter.

The PS2 Controller also can be convert to PS3 controller!

It is amazing that a PS2 controller convert to other different consoles to use, by inserting a converter.

A PS2 dance mat is applied to Xbox360.

This is the product makes it come true: PS2/XB360 converter, which can be purchased here.

These photos show you the plugs of the converter.

For your reference,  if you have a PS1 controller, this product, which converts that controller into Xbox360 use, it may interest you:

For Wii, it works similarly as well, with the PS2/Wii converter.

PS2 joypad, guitar and joysticks can be connected to Wii Remote with the help of this:

This PS2/Wii converter can be bought here.

The adapter allows using a PS2 controller on PC or PS3.

The plugs of the PS2/PS3 converters.

This PS2/PS3 converter can be purchased here.

Therefore, if you have too many of these…

…you probably need to get one of these…

…to make the most use out of them!

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