Super Street Fight – TV Game Console



Sf55 is a compact 32bit power adaptor that brings you graphics that have never before been seen at home. More on screen action, incredible 3D graphics and views compatible to all ARCADE game and GBA GAME.

Set with console ( various built-in games ), 2 joysticks, AV cable, AC adaptor

Please check the following before you connect your TV game system

1. insert the single-plug end of the audio/video cable in the AN OUT Jack on the console
2. Insert the yellow plug of the Audio /video cable into the composite TV or monitor’s Video IN Jack ( or into the VCR video IN Jack) insert the white plug into the TV or monitor’s audio IN Jack ( or into the VCR audion IN Jack)
3. Select the Audio /Video Input setting on your TV (or VCR) when playing the Games

Powering Up the system
1. Connect the AC adaptor plug to the adaptor Jack on the back of the gamesis.
2. Plug the AC adaptor into the electrical outlet.

Operating the Game
1. Just turn on the Power when Playing when built-in games
2. Insert SD card, with the label facing forward, mini SD slot. Press it firmly into SD locks into place. Always turn the machine power off before removing a SD.
3. turn the power to the TV On
4. Turn the game Machine Power Button ON
5. press the RESET button on the machine

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