Business mobile power POWER200 manual

Business mobile power POWER200 manual

Thank you for choosing to use commercial mobile power series.
This manual for your system, introduction to the use of methods and precautions.
In use, please read this manual carefully so that you quickly master the correct use.
The Company is only a problem in the product itself has a warranty and maintenance responsibilities;
Due to improper operation, self-maintenance and other abnormalities lead to product damage and accidents, and the resulting other effects, the company shall not be responsible.
As the continuous improvement of product functionality and performance, the Company reserves the right described in this manual to improve products without prior notice.

– Charging the first to confirm DC IN / OUT direction;
– Product can not be placed in the hot and humid places; (Storage temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃)
– Not in daylight exposure;
Temperatures above -45 ℃ can not charge;
– Can not be the product decomposition or greater impact to the product and do not allow their products thrown into the fire, in order to avoid fire and explosion;
– This product is charged when you use the standard mini USB, the output, use the computer with the standard mini USB adapter and expertise.
Warm Tips:
Suggested a long time do not use this product, please give this product every six months to recharge the batteries to ensure the product life.

Product Type: POWER200
Battery capacity: 5800mAh (3.7V)
Input Voltage: 5V/1.5A
Output Voltage: 5V/1A
Size: L115 * W55 * H25 (mm)
Weight: 130g

* The above picture is for reference only, product in order to prevail in kind.
* The availability of mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras (3.7v), audio-visual, handheld game consoles and other portable digital equipment charge.

Name of function of each part

1. Memory card reader function
2.DC IN interface / data transfer port, USB2.0 transfer
Mini USB charging port ontology standards, voltage is 5V, current limiting charging 1.5A.
3. DC OUT port
USB standard interface ontology discharge voltage of 5V, discharge current limiting 1A.
4. Button – the output start / battery indicator / lights switch
– Button once, then the power indicator light, at the same time start the voltage output.
– Button for more than 2 seconds, switching lights. Press 2 seconds and then shut down LED lighting
Product charging and power indicator light
When the indicator light:
-a flash – capacity 25%
-a constant bright – 25% ~ 50% of the electricity
-a, b constant light – 50% ~ 75% electricity
-a, b, c constant bright – 75% ~ 90% electricity consumption
-a, b, c, d constant light – electricity 90% ~ 100%
* When charging is complete body, a, b, c, d will also blink during charging of electricity in the corresponding indicator light will blink.
6. DC OUT LED-ontology-discharge lamp
LED red light: to charge the portable digital device;
LED green light: the completion of portable digital equipment charge
If not connected to a portable digital devices, LED lights turn off in 25 seconds.
7. Lighting – energy-efficient LED, achieved through the button switch.
* Does not automatically turn lights off, to hold down the button for more than 2 seconds to turn it off.

Product Use
Portable digital devices to charge mobile phone as an example:

1. With the USB / DC cable connector will be accompanied by a corresponding switch to connect mobile phones with the product ontology;
2. Product ontology DC OUT LED shows green, said the body being carried out voltage detector, when the DC OUT LED shows red, it said that a normal cell phone charger, cell phone full time DC OUT LED display green.
3. Must be disconnected after use ontology and the data line connection.
Special reminder:
* Charging for digital products, please be sure to use the correct switch connector or connection lines, to avoid the digital product has been damaged.

Ontology charging method

The use of special allocations for power adapter charger
The ontology DC IN connection with the adapter Mini USB header, and then the other end with the power adapter socket connection connected to DC IN LED display in red, and displays the corresponding amount of power that the normal charge products, the product charge is complete DC IN LED will be flashing.
Full power, approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Product charging DC IN LED lights and DC OUT LED light does not shine?
The battery when the battery a long time to place the possibility of bright LED lights do not exist, can give products, charging, charging may not be immediately when the power LED light, about 2 to 3 minutes after the LED light is normally lit.
2. Charge / discharge when the product may have a fever?
Charge / discharge electric power consumed when the phenomenon of heat, therefore there will be adequate, but does not affect product performance, this product internal temperature protection design, it will not appear overheated.

Adapter model applicable to digital equipment


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